TXR inspections is proud to offer this additional service, thermal imaging can help detect issues with the home that are not visable to the inspector.  We strongly recommend all customers add this service to their inspection.  Below you'll see a picture of a window we inspected, there was no water staining or damage visually evident inside the building.  However, thermal imaging located a water penetration issue and excessive moisture was confirmed with a moisture meter.  We have found pluming, roof, and window leaks in our inspections using thermal imaging.  The vast majority of thermal scans reveal additional issues the inspector could not see with the naked eye.  

Thermal imaging equipment offers a non-invasive, non-destructive way of evaluating deficiencies that might otherwise go unidentified.  A thermal camera may reveal hidden water leaks, electrical issues, missing insulation, and poor seals or insulation around the home.  However there is a misconception that thermal cameras can see through walls, this is not true.  Put simply Thermal cameras can see in the Infra Red "IR" spectrum, and sense/see temperature differences.  However properly interpreting these readings can be challenging, and requires training.  Our inspector is a former Apache helicopter pilot and has years of experience and training in IR technology and use.  This is an amazing diagnostic tool your inspector can use to help identify issues not always visible to the naked eye, or in concealed/inaccessible areas of the home.

Thermal Scans are not included in a residential or commercial inspection.  To keep our prices fair and competitive we provide this service for an additional fee.  Please call our office to discuss your specific needs.