If you want reassurance about a specific item or system, we would be happy to come and take a look. In most cases, we can answer any questions you have about the item or system. However, if you are considering a single item or system, it is likely because you suspect or know something is wrong. While our Certified Master Inspector has a broad knowledge base, specialists have a depth of knowledge that we may not be able to match in their specific field. We are the right people to inspect your entire home and its systems, and this way, you will know which specialist you need, if any.  

However, if you are not looking for a whole home inspection and you only want a single item or system inspected, a specialist is probably the best option for you. 

If you still want us to take a look, give us a call at 254-404-5355. However, just in case a potential client has not read this portion of our website, we will likely tell you the same thing to ensure we are serving your best interest.