If you want peace of mind about a specific item/system we will be glad to come and take a look, and we can normally answer any questions you have about the item/system.  However, if you're considering a single item/system it's probably because you already suspect or know something is wrong.  While we are professionals, our knowledge is in a wide range of topics.  Specialists have a depth of knowledge we can't always match in their specific field. We are the right people to have look at your whole home and inspect all systems, this way you know which specialist you need if any.  It's more than likely in your best interest to contact a specialist in the specific item/system you're concerned about.

We know specialists can be expensive, and to have a full team of electricians, plumbers, roofers, general contractors, etc. come inspect your home would be financially impractical.  However, if you're not looking for a whole home inspection, and you only want a single item/system inspected a specialist is probably going to better serve your interests.

If you still want us to have a look give us a call at 254-404-5355.  However, just in case a potential client has not read this portion of our website we will likely tell you the same thing to make sure we are serving your best interest.