Pre-Listing inspection

Selling your home?  Homeowners are wise to get a home inspection before listing their home to avoid surprises during the sale.  Like everything our homes experience wear and tear.  A Pre-listing inspection will allow you to address any required repairs.  You can confidently move forward with your planned sale, without the fear of the unknown derailing the sale and your future plans.  A Pre-listing inspection will be performed to the same high standards as our Pre-purchase inspections.

Here is what you can expect from your home inspection:

We inspect all visible and readily accessible areas of the residence, and systems.

For a detailed list visit LINK: TREC SOP

We also offer the following inspections for an additional charge.   We try to keep our prices as low and competitive as possible so the following items have to be billed separately. (See "Additional Services" page for full details on each service.)

 Things we do not inspect:

Wood Destroying Insect/Organism (WDI/WDO) or Pest inspections:

We can coordinate with a pest control company to have a WDI/WDO inspection done at the time of your home inspection. We want to focus on providing you with the best possible home inspection and being professionals in our area of expertise.  Having another set of eyes look at your new home is always a good idea.