New construction inspection

New construcion inspections are performed to the same high standards as our Pre-purchase inspections.  However we also perform a cosmetic quality assurance review.  We will Blue or Red tape cosmetic defects throughout the home including walls, ceilings/floors, doors, windows, counter tops and cabinets.  This is a courtesy we provide on all new construction at no additional cost. 

Here is what you can expect from your home inspection:

We inspect all visible and readily accessible areas of the residence, and systems.

For a detailed list visit LINK: TREC SOP

We also offer the following inspections for an additional charge.   We try to keep our prices as low and competitive as possible so the following items have to be billed separately. (See "Additional Services" page for full details on each service.)

 Things we do not inspect:

Wood Destroying Insect/Organism (WDI/WDO) or Pest inspections:

We do not currently offer this service, however we're looking into adding this license.


Repair Verification Inspections:

After your inspection, you may come to an agreement on repairs to be made to the home/building.  When the sellers tells you these repairs have been completed you may want someone to verify the work was done correctly.  We offer a Repair Verification inspection of the deficiencies noted in our report that have been agreed by the sellers to be repaired.  Send us the contract addendum and you can hire us to make sure it was done right. (See inspection agreement for full details)