How much will my inspection cost / why don't you have prices online?

Every home is unique, and the inspection will need to be tailored to the home.  There are multiple variables that will affect the cost of the inspection.  For example- size, age, foundation type, and location of the home can all affect the price of the inspection.  Is there a pool/spa, guest house, detached structure or barn you want inspected as well?  Do you want a thermal scan of the home?  We can quickly get you a competitive quote after a short phone call or text/email conversation with you.

How long will the inspection take?

We average 1 to 1.5 hours per 1000 SQFT.  However this is only an estimate and things like the age and condition of the home, attendance by client/agent/sellers, pier & beam foundations, pool/spa inspections, and thermal scans will add to the duration of the inspection.  We inspect to a standard, not a time.  We will be there as long as the inspection takes to do it right!!!

Am I allowed and/or required to attend?

We encourage our clients to attend the inspection, many of our clients prefer we contact them prior to finishing and they will come at the end for a walk through of the findings.  However you are not required to attend, and we will be available to answer any questions you have after the inspection if you can't make it.

What happens if there are problems found during the inspection?

The findings of the report allow you to make an informed decision on your potential purchase.  However in Texas the seller is under no legal obligation to make any repairs.  The report is information that will help you and your agent decide how to move forward. You have several options.

1- You can accept the home as is.  

2- You can ask for repairs.  

The advantage is the sellers should take care of the repairs, and your home should be move in ready.  During demolition if additional latent or concealed damage is discovered the seller may cover the additional cost.

The disadvantage is the sellers will decide how to repair the home, and what quality of materials and craftsmanship is acceptable.

3- You can also ask for a price reduction in the home to allow you to have the repairs made yourself.  

The advantage to having the repairs done yourself is you get to pick who does what, and make sure it's done to your standards.  

The disadvantage is there may be latent or concealed damage that was not visible during the inspection which could increase the cost and/or complexity of the repairs.

Do you offer a military discount?

As a veteran owned and operated company we are proud to offer a discount to all veterans and active service members.