Shyann Lynn Batiste - 5 Stars

Daniel with TXR Inspectors was absolutely amazing! He was thorough in his inspection and explained everything in “LaymansTerms” that would allow anyone to understand. He spent the necessary time with my clients and myself explaining the report, so that we knew exactly how to address concerns and how to address repairs. TXR’s service doesn’t just end when the report is sent to you. Willing with a friendly, patient and eager attitude to help, serve and ensure any areas of concern. What I respected most was his character along with being knowledgeable & ethical according to TREC standards & transparent in the entire transaction. You won’t go wrong hiring TXR! Word of mouth is how I found them and word of mouth is how I hope to help someone else and this company! Will be my recommended go to inspector in Central Tx.

Gabrielle Dixon - 5 Stars

Daniel is awesome! Very thorough, honest, and fair price. He even did thermo imaging and thankfully he did because he found a leak that wasn’t visible to the naked eye! Also military friendly! Two thumbs up to this guy!

Wes Barnes - 5 Stars

I’m a first time home buyer and called several inspectors to get the right one. Daniel at TXR Inspections is exactly who I needed. First, they answered the phone on a holiday (bonus), he was eager for me to be with him for the entire inspection, and he was very clear about what I was getting for my money. On the day of the inspection Daniel was early, professional, and also very patient with me as he took me around the house and explained everything. In the end I knew exactly what I was buying and how to maintain it. If you need an inspection, especially if it’s your first home, do yourself a favor and hire TXR Inspections. Worth every penny! P.S. Spring for the whole thermal scan… it’s worth it.

Jennifer Smith - 5 Stars

TXR Inspections did a great job on our inspection.  Everything was explained to us and we were given professional advise regarding the inspection.  We will definitely use TXR again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a honest, reliable inspection.

Terri Heath - 5 Stars

Daniel has saved my clients a lot of headache time and time again. Genuinely a great dude and I feel very blessed to have been able to do business with him. Trish is just about as sweet as they come! She’s makes the process go smoothly. It’s a pleasure to do business with them, never a hard decision to refer these two!❤️

Jim Zallaha - 5 Stars

TXR Inspections & Daniel are everything you would search for in a responsive company with quality attention to detail and professional attitude. Their follow-up review offering is much appreciated. I recommend you enlist TXR for your Home Inspection needs. Thank you Daniel and Trish........

Rowena Dela Cruz- 5 Stars

They save us from a lot of headaches and money.  Very detailed.  Highly recommended! 

Mary Sweeney - 5 Stars

They are so so nice and got our potential home inspected within 24 hours. The report was very thorough and he took the time to explain everything in person. If we get the house they have offered an additional recheck for a very affordable price. Thank you guys!

Laura Irene Nicole Suddath - 5 Stars

incredible attention to detail.  my fiance said "if there is ANYTHING wrong with that property, he is going to find it."  fast response.  very thorough inspection and solid recommendations. prompt reporting.

Nicole Acklin - 5 Stars

As a first time home buyer, I felt lost on everything needing to be done.  Pre approval. Offer. Inspections. Earnest money.  Everything felt never ending.  But from beginning to end- this part of everything though was seamless.  Contacting them for a quote, to scheduling, to the actual inspection, and then post inspection was a great experience!

Scheduling was easy and the inspector was great and very professional. After the inspection-He walked us through our home and reviewed everything he had found and explained why it was a serious matter and why it was just part of the age of the home.

A day later we received the whole detailed inspection packet WITH PICTURES and if we had questions- he was available to explain anything we had questions over.

They use separate pest inspector as they want a more trained professional to give a proper look.

Price wise- they were higher than some other companies I quoted but honestly, they were WELL worth it.  Gladly pay the extra for this kind of service.

Thank you for the peace of mind you gave us when purchasing our home!

Aaron Natal - 5 stars 

This company provided us with excellent service at a competitive price. Daniel was already at the residence and working when we arrived. He was very thorough and detailed. His report and explanation was well organized  so we did not have any problems understanding what areas we were most likely to have repaired. Overall very pleasant experience. I highly recommend this company.

Eric Gordon - 5 stars

I grew up in a do-it-once, do-it-right kinda house. When I wanted to purchase a home I didn't want to have anything missed or glossed over that I may need to know about, or have it come back to bite me. Our realtor recommended Redacted to us, and they went over EVERYTHING.

Anything that was health and safety related was highlighted and made very clear to us, front and center. Then came the issues found, from the big ticket items all the way down to small cosmetic repairs. I think if there was anything to find, it got found, and that's exactly how I want to feel about the inspection report on a home I may be purchasing.

I was able to understand everything, as our inspector was able to shift gears to explain it to us in clear language. Additionally, if we had any questions, he gave us his number so that we could call, and he'd set up a time so we could have his undivided attention for as long as we needed. He kept us informed throughout his time at the property, and left us with a lot more information than we started with.

If I had to inspect another home, I'd definitely call them again. Worth every cent.

JS - 5 stars

Daniel did an outstanding job. The inspection was incredibly thorough and he answered any and all questions we had as well as pointed out areas of concern while giving an overall impression of the house. If anything was even 1% away from perfect he noted it in the inspection as deficient so we were aware of it, while also giving his professional opinion that it was not a big deal. 

Jeff Harris - 5 stars

Amazing company and excellent experience. They charged a reasonable rate, and they were on time, extremely thorough, and had some of the highest technical tools to perform their inspection. When they came, the owner hadn't provided access to a power panel. On their own accord, they reached out to the owner, set up a different time to come back and complete that one piece of the inspection, and provided the update. Absolutely amazing people to work with. Couldn't recommend them more.

The Legal Stuff:

While we are a newly formed company, our founder has years of experience working at a multi-inspector firm before founding TXR inspections.  Some of the above-listed testimonials are from Daniel's former clients while he was at a multi-inspector firm.